A warning!

14 juli, 2012

It has come to our attention that this place has stolen a lot of pictures to market their inferior (to put it nicely) products: http://mslingeries.com/page/product/page.asp?kid=1808

This place does not sell real corsets, and we would NEVER allow images of our products to be used in connection with these people. Neither the models or photographers involved have given their consent either, so please be aware that this is art theft, pure and simple.

Stockholm Fashion Week and Licked Magazine

10 juli, 2012

We had only just finished our Candy Collection when the idea struck us. Why stop there? Why not develop the sweets-theme a bit more, while we’re at it? So right now we are working on something new, the working title is the Dessert Collection but that will most likely change once we’re finished. We think that those of you who found the Candy corsets a bit too colourful will enjoy these! They will still be eye-catching, but the colour scheme will be… Well, you’ll see!  We will present this new line at Stockholm Fashion Week, August 16th. Our Candy Corsets will be there too, so make sure to stop by if you happen to be in Stockholm.

In other news, our spokesmodel and evil sidekick Tea has been working on something special for an upcoming feature in Licked Magazine. Let’s just say there’s been a lot of corsets involved in these shoots… We can’t show you until the issue is out, but on the bright side this means we all have some corset related goodness to look forward to! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek…

Candy Collection

7 mars, 2012

In honour of our 10th anniversary we went ahead and created a little something to celebrate. We are very proud and happy to present the first piece of our Candy Collection!

We’ve wanted to make a corset dress for many years, and one of our five Candy Corsets is just that. We promise to keep playing around with this concept in the future, but if you want your own corset dress right away, please feel free to send an email to tea@violalahger.se and we’ll get back to you.

Photo: Josefine Jönsson
Latex top: Maebelle Latex
Fascinator: Sarah Burchill
Wig: Navalith Hair Design
Model and MUA: Tea Time


18 januari, 2012

Hello there, and welcome to Viola Lahger!

For several years we have been lacing up Swedish ladies (and the occasional gentleman) and now we have decided to stop keeping our work a national secret. From our cosy little atelier in Stockholm we bring you top notch bespoke corsetry made to fit your every need. Well, it won’t make you toast in the mornings but you know what we mean!

Most of our work is on a custom basis, so take a minute to examine our basic models and combine them with your own ideas. We are no strangers to adding something in one place or taking it off in another so just send us a note with any questions you might have.

Oh, and we’re still trying to find and tame the last internet goblins in our system so please forgive us if our site is not quite all there yet.